Recommended Reading

A list of my favorite (mostly historical) romances (in no particular order):

“Lord of Scoundrels” by Loretta ChaseLord of Scoundrels by [Chase, Loretta]

Brooding hero, independent heroine, with twists and turns that keep it amazing to the end.  A scene in which the heroine is clothed in red and carrying a pistol is a-ma-zing.  Read it!

“Guarding a Notorious Lady” by Olivia Parker

Matchmaking heroine has been in love with hero (her brother’s best friend) for ages.  He does not notice her (or so she thinks), until he has to act as her bodyguard.  Great sexual tension.

“To Pleasure a Prince” by Sabrina JeffriesTo Pleasure a Prince (The Royal Brotherhood Book 2) by [Jeffries, Sabrina]

Difficult hero who resists any emotional entanglements meets a stubborn heroine with a secret.  Undeniable attraction, despite their best efforts.  Amazing sexual tension and emotional pay-off.

“A Duke of Her Own” by Eloisa JamesA Duke of Her Own (Desperate Duchesses Book 6) by [James, Eloisa]

Heroine who comes into her own and hero who has to choose a wife, face an irresistible attraction.  Features groveling by hero–strong emotions.  Interesting, impossible-to-forget plot.

“If You Desire” by Kresley ColeIf You Desire (The MacCarrick Brothers Book 2) by [Cole, Kresley]

Couple in love, but hero won’t let himself act on his feelings due to “reasons” (I won’t reveal them all here…).  Creates high tension and hot sexy scenes!

“As You Desire” by Connie Brockway

Set in Egypt, hero with a secret will not let himself love the “once burned by hero/twice shy” heroine.  When hero faces some competition for the heroine’s affections, all bets are off.  Emotions are off the charts, and so is sexual tension.

“Seduce Me At Sunrise” by Lisa KleypasSeduce Me at Sunrise (Hathaways Book 2) by [Kleypas, Lisa]“Frail” heroine finds her strength to go after hero who thinks he’s not good enough for the heroine.  Incredible sexual tension and deep emotions.  Love love love. “Lord Perfect” by Loretta ChaseLord Perfect (Carsington Family Series Book 3) by [Chase, Loretta]“Perfect” (i.e. uptight) hero is felled by his attraction to notorious widow.  Circumstances, including the heroine’s hilarious daughter, keep bringing them together despite their attempts to resist each other.  Inevitable chaos ensues.  One of the books I can easily imagine as a wonderful, hilarious, deeply felt movie.
“It Happened One Autumn” by Lisa KleypasIt Happened One Autumn (The Wallflowers, Book 2) by [Kleypas, Lisa]American heroine detests aristocratic hero, who can’t help his attraction to the heroine (despite how he resists).  Great sexual tension.  Love re-reading this one! “Princess” by Gaelen FoleyPrincess: (Book 2 in the Ascension Trilogy) by [Foley, Gaelen]Somewhat spoiled princess has loved her body guard, who harbors a forbidden attraction to the princess, are forced together in close circumstances.  Lots of drama and sexual tension.
“The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie” by Jennifer AshleyThe Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Mackenzies Series Book 1) by [Ashley, Jennifer]Unconventional heroine sees through “mad” hero’s communication issues to his heart.  Sexual tension, high emotions, and more. Wonderful. “Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart” by Sarah MacLeanEleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart (Love by Numbers Book 3) by [MacLean, Sarah]Beautiful society outsider wants to bring the uptight duke that rejected her to his knees, and teach him that a relationship without passion is nothing.  Heart-rending emotion and wonderful sexy times abound!
“Mr. Impossible” by Loretta ChaseMr. Impossible (Carsington Family Series Book 2) by [Chase, Loretta]Genius archeologist heroine bails seemingly empty-headed hero out of Egyptian jail so they can embark on an adventurous trip to rescue her brother.  Wonderful sexual tension and beautiful romance–tears and chills.  This hero/heroine combo stands out as one where the hero is proud to tout the heroine’s intelligence. “After Midnight” by Teresa MedeirosAfter Midnight (Lords of Midnight) by [Medeiros, Teresa]Heroine is the cautious, older sister of a young woman being courted by the mysterious hero.  He is rumored to be a vampire, and her investigations seem to confirm the rumors.  At a midnight gathering, the truth of their attraction is revealed.  A wonderful combo of historical and paranormal!
“Dreaming of You” by Lisa KleypasDreaming of You (Gamblers Book 2) by [Kleypas, Lisa]Novelist heroine rescues gambling club owner hero and, in exchange, requests time at his club to perform research for her new novel.  Hero attempts to ignore her and his attraction to her–pushing her away at every turn.  Wonderful story and marvelous example of the “hero who thinks he’s not good enough for the heroine but pursues her anyway.”  Read it! “Beware a Scot’s Revenge” by Sabrina JeffriesBeware a Scot's Revenge (The School for Heiresses Book 3) by [Jeffries, Sabrina]Scottish hero kidnaps the heroine, his childhood friend and neighbor, in an attempt to exact revenge against her father.  The heroine will use every method to escape–including using the hero’s lust for her against him–until she learns more about his motivations.  Hot sexual tension and fun characters.  A frequent re-read.
“A Matter of Scandal” by Suzanne EnochA Matter of Scandal: With This Ring by [Enoch, Suzanne]Attraction is immediate between the headmistress of a girl’s school and the duke with misconceptions about how the school educates young women.  They enter into a wager, which only increases the push and pull between them.  Romantic and sexy!  I love reading about these characters over and over. “London’s Perfect Scoundrel” by Suzanne EnochHero, who is the ultimate scoundrel, cannot resist tempting and teasing the “up-tight” heroine who simply wants to help orphans.  The heroine decides to teach the hero a lesson, and he decides to tempt her into misbehaving.  Love this one.
“Thief of Hearts” by Teresa MedeirosThief of Hearts: A Novel by [Medeiros, Teresa]Spoiled heroine is subjected to a rough bodyguard who makes her remember the pirate she once encountered–and with whom she shared a kiss.  The hero brings out the heroine’s defiance, but soon he sees she has a romantic, artistic heart.  Desire for revenge threatens to disrupt their budding attraction.  Mystery, revenge, and divided loyalties. “Seduced at Midnight” by Jacquie D’AlessandroHero is hired as bodyguard for the seemingly shy heroine.  Sparks fly.  Hero feels heroine is far out of his league.  Heroine is challenged to throw the shackles of responsibility off to be with the hero.
“She’s No Princess” by Laura Lee GuhrkeShe's No Princess (Guilty Series Book 4) by [Guhrke, Laura Lee]Hellion princess butts heads with the staid diplomat who is tasked with finding her a respectable husband.  He has to keep his hands to himself, but he finds it quite difficult.  Hijinks and temptation occur.  Great sexual chemistry! “Stroke of Genius” by Mia MarloweStroke of Genius by [Marlowe, Mia]American heiress attempting to make her way in Society commissions renowned sculptor hero who also helps her flirt and interest men.  When a titled man appears interested, the hero and heroine have decisions to make!
“Wicked Intentions” by Elizabeth HoytWicked Intentions (Maiden Lane Book 1) by [Hoyt, Elizabeth]Book 1 in the amazing Maiden Lane Series.  Hero with whispered-about sexual proclivities needs someone to help him hunt a killer in the seedy St. Giles neighborhood.  He finds a guide in the buttoned-up heroine, who works with him in exchange for introductions in society to benefit the foundling home she runs.  Very sensual and romantic, each with trauma in their pasts that they must overcome.   Start here and read the entire series! “No Good Duke Goes Unpunished” by Sarah MacLeanNo Good Duke Goes Unpunished: The Third Rule of Scoundrels (Rules of Scoundrels Book 3) by [MacLean, Sarah]Hero is a disgraced duke-turned-gambling-house-owner rumored to have killed a woman on a night that he cannot remember.  Heroine is the mysterious woman he allegedly murdered who finally returns and offers him redemption, in exchange for help with her brother’s gambling debts.  Sexy moments and deep emotions abound!
“A Notorious Countess Confesses” by Julie Anne LongA Notorious Countess Confesses: Pennyroyal Green Series by [Long, Julie Anne]A wonderful entry in the Pennyroyal Green Series, this story involves a former courtesan and widow of a nobleman, who breezes into Pennyroyal Green and the life of the local pastor, our hero.  Clashes with the townspeople/parishioners add to the conflict.  It seems these two face almost insurmountable odds.  Passionate and deeply emotional. “At the Bride Hunt Ball” by Olivia ParkerAt the Bride Hunt Ball by [Parker, Olivia]Hero duke invites eligible ladies to a ball–for his brother.  He has no interest in matrimony.  Awkward and charming heroine has no interest in the duke or his brother, but attends the events as required by her social climbing step-mother.  Fun and sensual.  Memorable scenes and dialogue.
“Say Yes to the Marquess” by Tessa DareSay Yes to the Marquess: Castles Ever After by [Dare, Tessa]Heroine, tired of waiting for her fiancé to come home from abroad, breaks off the engagement by telling her fiancé’s brother, our hero.  The prize-fighting, black sheep hero will not let his brother’s fiancée (and his own childhood friend whom he has been attracted to for years) walk away from the intended marriage easily.  Cake tasting and other wedding-related hijinks bring them closer together.  Love this one. “Scandal Wears Satin” by Loretta ChaseScandal Wears Satin (The Dressmakers Series Book 2) by [Chase, Loretta]Dressmaker heroine, who is also a skilled undercover reporter, teams up with the hero earl to find his sister–the most valuable patron of the dress shop.  On their trip, they are thrown together.  Despite the logical heroine’s attempts to resist, she is drawn to the handsome earl.  Love complicates matters further.  If you love the hero in “Mr. Impossible,” you’ll love this one, too.
“A Night to Surrender” by Tessa DareA Night to Surrender (spindle cove Book 1) by [Dare, Tessa]Military hero invades the well-supervised town run by our beautiful and skeptical heroine.  In protecting the town’s inhabitants (mostly women) from the invaders (our hero and his men), they skirmish and try to fight a growing attraction.  Wonderful sexual tension. “Mine Till Midnight” by Lisa KleypasMine Till Midnight (Hathaways Book 1) by [Kleypas, Lisa]Cautious heroine encounters the Romani hero multiple times: fate is throwing them together.  But, fate also tears them apart, with problematic siblings, societal expectations, former suitors, and the hero’s desire to return to his wandering roots.  A beautiful story with two strong leads.
“Duke of Pleasure” by Elizabeth HoytDuke of Pleasure (Maiden Lane Book 11) by [Hoyt, Elizabeth]Hero duke is intrigued by the disguised woman (our heroine) who rescues him in a dangerous St. Giles alley.  As hero and heroine work together to defeat a powerful set of enemies, they will have to also fight their attraction to each other and society’s almost certain rejection of the heroine who was raised in the streets of London.  Sensual. “Between the Devil and Desire” by Lorraine HeathBetween the Devil and Desire (Scoundrels of St. James Book 2) by [Heath, Lorraine]Widowed heroine is horrified when her late husband’s estate and supervision of her young son is left to the wicked gaming house owner hero.  Forced to share a home, they have to resist lust and love, as well as a dangerous enemy.
“Pleasure of a Dark Prince” by Kresley ColePleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark, Book 7) by [Cole, Kresley]One of my favorite paranormal romances, and an entry in the wonderful Immortals After Dark series.  Hunter heroine with a traumatic past runs from the Lykae hero who attempts to claim her–resisting her strong attraction to him.  On the heroine’s mission to stop a powerful enemy, the two are brought together in the jungles of the Amazon.